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QSC Porsche 356 911 Forged Engine Stand Holding Fixture Yoke-Grey + bench clamp

$ 438.00

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QSC Porsche engine stand is made of forged steel. It is stronger than and holds the engine more firmly than other materials. It features a 360 degree swivel mounting collar for a floor stand (not included). It is machined with all the necessary reliefs and/or notches to allow for clearance of all engine parts including the flywheel and the lock tool. It fits Porsche 356 911 912 930 914. QSC engine bench clamp is made of cast steel. It provides a strong and firm hold on the Porsche VW engine


  • Porsche 356 911 912 930 914



  • Engine holding yoke: Forged Steel
  • Bench clamp tool: Cast Steel


Features Highlights

  • Strong and durable
  • Grey color


**Professional installation is recommended

**A break-in period of 500 miles is required after the installation

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