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QSC Clutch Kit with Sachs Throw Out Bearing for Porsche 911 72-86 225mm

$ 348.00
Part# KP2D1229SA

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QSC Porsche 911 clutch cover pressure plate is made of cast iron material. The clutch disc is made of premium organic material. This listing includes alignment tool and the Sachs throw out bearing 915.116.082.80. This clutch kit provides smooth engagement with quite operation. This part is compatible with KF200.01 / 915.116.911.00 **



•72-86 Clutch Cover Pressure Plate 225mm

•Compatible with KF200.01, 915.116.911.00, 915.116.082.80




  • Clutch Cover Material: cast iron
  • Clutch Disc Material: orgnaic material
  • Size: 225mm
  • Clutch Cover Weight: 13 lbs
  • Sachs throw out bearing 915.116.082.80


    Features Highlights

    •Quick engagement/shifting

    •Higher torque delivery and acceleration than stock

    •Easy installation. No modification is needed


    **Professional installation is recommended

    **A break-in period of 500 miles is required after the installation

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