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Volkswagen VW 94mm 2.1L Water Cooled Cylinders & Pistons set

$ 248.00
Part# VW94WC21
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QSC VW 94mm water-cooled cylinders/pistons are made of cast iron/aluminum. The surface of the cylinders is CNC machined for smooth operation. The structure of cylinders/pistons are designed to enhance the heat-resistance and durability. This set includes 4x 94mm cylinders, 4x pistons, 4x piston rings/pins/clips. **



  • VW Volkswagen water-cooled engine 2100cc



  • Cylinders material: Cast Iron
  • Piston material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Cylinders size: 94mm
  • Stroke: 78mm
  • Compression Height: 36.8mm


Features Highlights

  • Smooth operation
  • Heat resistant and durable
  • Easy installation/li>


**Professional installation is recommended

**A break-in period of 500 miles is required after the installation

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