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Volkswagen VW Type 1 92mm x 69mm Thick Wall Cylinder & Piston Set

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Part# VW92TWT1

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QSC VW Type 1 92mm x 69mm thick wall cylinders/pistons are made of cast iron/aluminum. The surface of the cylinders is CNC machined for smooth operation. The structure of cylinders/pistons are designed to enhance the heat-resistance and durability. The outside diameter of these 92mm thick wall cylinders are the same as that of 94mm cylinders. The extra thickness of the wall can further enhance the durability and reliability of the cylinders. This set includes 4x 92mm cylinders, 4x pistons, 4x piston rings/pins/clips. **



  • VW Volkswagen Type 1 1835cc



  • Cylinders material: Cast iron
  • Piston material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Cylinders size: 92mm
  • Stroke: 69mm
  • Compression Height: 39.8mm


Features Highlights

  • OD is the same as the 94mm cylinders
  • Extra thickness of the cylinder wall further boost the durability
  • Smooth operation
  • Heat resistant and durable
  • Easy installation/li>


**Professional installation is recommended

**A break-in period of 500 miles is required after the installation

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